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PATH – Rangatahi Youth

PATH is being used in a wide context from Teen Parent Units to Youth Justice across Aotearoa with 50+ youth workers trained as PATH facilitators working with rangatahi and their whānau.

Examples of PATH being used with Rangatahi:

Te Kaha o Te Rangatahi is a Youth Organisation based in the heart of Manurewa. Their mission is “to enhance the wellbeing of youth, to grow, develop and prosper”. Te Kaha specializes in sexual health, teen parenting and relationship strengthening services.

Te Kaha has worked alongside one of New Zealand’s best Hip Hop Academy, Dziah Dance Academy, and with the facilitation  support of Kataraina Pipi and Maraea Pipi-Takoko, Te Kaha was able to run two PATH planning days for all the youth in the Academy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.44.22 PMDay one consisted of all rangatahi creating a personal PATH plan for themselves which looked specifically at their hopes and dreams as an individual. Kataraina also shared helpful behavioral models and techniques to help the rangatahi in the future. Day two consisted of those same rangatahi coming back though this time as a crew. On this day they came together to look at how they, as a crew, would get to the World Hip-Hop Championships and how they would be able to support each other in their crew journeys.

Youth Workers PATH Facilitation Training Course –  If there is any interest for training Rangatahi/Youth workers as PATH facilitators please contact Maraea via email hinemoana-m at or via Facebook.